Wadden Sea Protection

Wadden Sea Role Play

Human activities in the Wadden Sea can have bad effects on the ecosystem. In order to protect this unique nature area, most of the Wadden Sea is under legal protection (i.e. as national park). In the frame of the Trilateral Cooperation on the Protection of the Wadden Sea the three countries have agreed to work on a sustainable future of the Wadden Sea area that takes into consideration both human needs and the demands of nature. However, the various interests people have in the Wadden Sea often compete and sometimes work against a sustainable development. In this role play, pupils get insight into the complex process of Wadden Sea politics and are encouraged to work out their own ideas for a future management of the Wadden Sea.
The pupils…

  • learn about different kinds of human influence on the Wadden and North Sea (fishing, shipping, oil production and transport, military activities, etc.) and the resulting threats to nature
  • learn about non-governmental and state-run nature conservation (NGOs, legal instruments, etc.)
  • get to know various concepts of nature protection and national as well as international categories of protected areas (nature reserve, bird sanctuary, national park, etc.)
  • learn about the Trilateral Cooperation on the Protection of the Wadden Sea and the importance of an international approach to protect the Wadden Sea
  • learn that there are different interest groups with partly competing interests, i.e. fishers, conservationists, people involved in the tourist business and tourists themselves, oil or gas producers, farmers, people involved in coastal protection, etc.)
  • learn about local conflicting issues and try to put themselves in the place of the interest groups affected (i.e. in form of a public hearing) concerning various conflicting issues and try to find a solution
  • practice to discuss in English (presenting and balancing arguments, expressing views, finding common ground, etc.)