For every group the fitting house

At all IWSS travel destinations you will find group accommodations in walking or cycling distance from the respective nature centres and starting points of excursion. Sometimes the nature centre and the accommodation are under the same roof (Hallig Hooge, Tönning, Dornumersiel).
The accommodations vary from simple scout huts with dormitory and self-catering kitchen to comfortable youth hostel with bio-regional full board and multimedia equipment.
Depending on the desired comfort and equipment and the available budged, your choice of accommodation can individually effect the total costs of the class trip.
Recommendable accommodations close to the IWSS parter centres are stated in the “IWSS Travel Information” of the individual destinations.

Booking well in advance

Please consider that many group accommodations at the coast are booked out up to 1,5 years in advance. Therefore, long-term planning and reservation well in advance are highly recommendable. This is especially important if you are bound to a certain date or have a specific travel destination in mind.

However, if you are flexible concerning the date and destination of your class trip it is often possible to find a gap between two bookings so that your trip can also be realized at short-notice.

Booking of Accommodation and Programme

Some nature centres will only take reservations for an IWSS-programme if you have already booked an accommodation. For the coordination of booking the programme and reserving an accommodation we recommend to proceed as follows:

  1. Find out about the nature centre’s programme offer for the possible date(s) of your class trip.
  2. Then - if the programme matches your wishes - look for and reserve an accommodation close to the centre
  3. And thereafter book the programme at the nature centre.

If you do not find an accommodation at this destination and date of your choice, chose another IWSS-destination and start over with step one.
That way you avoid the problem of having booked a programme but not found an accommodation or, vice versa, booked an accommodation with no available programme offers of the respective nature centre at that time.  

We are working on an online-overview of the centres’ free capacities for IWSS-programmes that will be available here from the beginning of 2008.