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"Wadden Sea Diamond" with a Green Beach

Natural and cultural experiences on one of the greatest Wadden Sea islands

Scenery & Surroundings

Ameland, fondly called “Wadden Seadiamond” by the locals, offers a diverse natural and cultural landscape that invites to discover the different habitats: Along the entire 25 km of the island´s northern side streches an area of beaches and dunes. Dikes and polders are located close to the four villages on the southern side, while the eastern coastline is covered with salt marshes. At the "green beach" near Ballum an extensive vegetation has developed over the last years, giving impressive insights into the Wadden Sea´s dynamics. The Natuurcentrum Ameland is starting point of numerous activities about the nature and culture of the island and the Wadden Sea that can be combined to an individual programme. The centre's exhibition, aquariums and classroom-laboratory offer additional information and possibilities for further investigation.


Broad choice of group accommodations (self-catering and full-board).

Getting There

By train to Leeuwarden, further by bus to Holwerd veerdam and by ferry to the island. On Ameland, bikes are the bestway of transportation.

Sample Programmes


1st day:
Pm: Arrival and first orientation. Evening programme with a short introduction to the Wadden Sea followed by a walk over the island.

2nd day:
Am: Mudflat excursion. Pm: "Water Laboratory"-programme at Natuurcenter Ameland with experiments and observations of typical Wadden Sea organisms.

3rd day:
All-day cycle tour around Nes and Ballum with picnic at lunchtime. Visit to the lighthouse, "Sordrager" Culture Museum and excursions to the different types of landscape (beach, polders and dunes).

4th day:
Am: Beach programme with trawlnet fishing. Pm: Individual research activities with presentations of the results. "WaddenSea Quiz" at the end of the programme.

5th day:
Departure after breakfast.


1st day:
Pm: Arrival and first orientation. Evening programme with a short introduction to the Wadden Sea followed by awalk through the dunes to the beach.

2nd day:
Am: Guided walk on the mudflats. Pm: Cycle tour around Nes and Ballum including a visit to Ameland´s lighthouse and the "Sordrager" Culture Museum. "Wadden Sea Quiz" in the evening.

3rd day:
Am: Laboratory programme and exploring the exhibition at Natuurcentrum Ameland. Pm: Departure.

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Tip: The IWSS offers a cooking-service for all self-catering accomodations!


Getting There & Around

  • Train (DB, Nord-Ostsee-Bahn):
    From Germany:
    DB-group travel service t +49 18 05 - 99 55 11
    Timetable - & fares:
    From Denmark:
    From The Netherlands
  • Bus
    No. 134 to Holwerd harbour
    Time table & fares:
    Please register your group in advance:
    t +31 519 - 542 010
  • Ferry
    Booking & Reservation
    t +31 519 - 546 111
  • Bike Rental Outlet
    Fam. Metz
    Strandweg 37

Tip: Book trains & busses well in advance for best group discounts!

Programme & Activities

IWSS Programme

Tip: Ask the centre for an individual IWSS-programme!

Sightseeing on Ameland

  • Lighthouse in Hollum
    Guided tours (15 persons)
    t +31 519 - 542 737
  • Reddingsmuseum „Abraham Fock“
    Oranjeweg 18
    NL 9161 Hollum
    Opens daily 13.30 - 17.00h
  • Cultural History Museum „Sorgdrager“
    Herenweg 1
    NL 9161 AM Hollum
    Opens daily 13.30 - 17.00h

Favourite Excursions

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