Trilateral Recipe Collection



Self-catering or full board?

At most of the IWSS Destinations you have the choice between accommodations with full board and self-catering facilities. Whereas full-board i soften more comfortable, self-catering is almost always cheaper. However, both versions offer advantages and disadvantages that you should consider when choosing for an option:

„Do it yourself“

The individual arrangement of the catering is on the one hand rather time-consuming, but on the other hand it offers various learning experiences and can – carefully integrated in the programme – complete the class trip with social and practical experience.
As “self-caterer” you can adapt the mealtimes individually and spontaneously to your plans. You decide about the choice of meals and the quality of the ingredients. You can consider individual preferences and special demands of your group.
Our “Trilateral Recipes Collection” (de) offers a choice of recipes from Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands suitable for the varied and easy cooking for and with groups. This way, your pupils will collect international Wadden experience already in the kitchen! 

Order groceries to your accommodation

At nearly all of the IWSS-destinations there are grocery stores that deliver your grocery order directly to your accommodation. This option is a lot more comfortable and is most cases not more expensive than bringing along your food from home and should therefore always be preferred. Some advantages:
You have a lot less work with the grocery shopping, you travel a lot lighter, you support the local economy and your pupils get to know many pieces of regional culture when preparing the food. And as most wrappings of food also provide English information, there will hardly be an intercultural cooking-chaos…  

Full board

Accommodations with full board usually offer 3 meals a day at mostly fixed times. As apart from laying the table and occasionally helping with the dishes no further work is demanded from the group, there is more time for programme and free time activities.
However, fixed mealtimes mean a relatively narrow structure for the programme’s time planning. Packed lunches are usually available for day-trips (please refer to the individual regulations if and how early packed lunches have to be ordered in advance), other wishes for changes usually need special arrangements.
Although you have rather little influence on the choice of meals, special dietary needs (allergies, religious or ethic demands, etc.) can usually be considered. These have to be communicated to the accommodation well in advance.

IWSS Cooking Service

If you prefer full board, but there are only self-catering accommodations available at the destination of your choice, engage our practical “IWSS Cooking Service”:
We provide experienced hobby cooks who accompany your group and take care of the complete catering including grocery shopping in return for free board and lodging and an appropriate fee.
The cooking service is a true alternative to full-board offers, as it combines all advantages of self-catering (individual choice of meals, flexible meal times, etc.) with the conveniences of professional full board. And the costs are usually even lower than comparable full board arrangements of the accommodations.
For more information on the IWSS Cooking Service please click here.

Bio-regional – tastes good and does good

No matter whether you chose an accommodation with full board or take care of the catering yourself: Set a high value on healthy food, fresh ingredients produced in the region and products from organic farming! That way you will be good to yourself and to the environment.
The EU-Label for organic food, the MSC-Certificate („Marine Stewardship Council“) for sustainable fisheries and the Transfair-Label for fairtrade products help to make a good choice.
If you book full board, ask the accommodation for the possibilities of a bio-regional catering. The “IWSS Cooking Service” cooks naturally take this into consideration.