The Danish Wadden Sea area

Discover the specific nature and culture of this landscape on the islands and at the mainland coast. The Danish field guides look forward to accompany your class on exciting tours in English, German, or Danish language.

Nature & Landscape

“Wow…a lugworm” sounds over the empty sea floor. During a walk on the mudflats in the Danish Wadden Sea the guide has dug out a lugworm and the school class is fascinated.
Just as the other parts of the unique natural landscape the Danish Wadden Sea is habitat and roosting ground for many seals, migratory birds and innumerable invertebrates. Here, fantastic nature experiences are guaranteed and there is always something great to see for everyone.
In rubber boots or -if the weather is not that good- in wade trousers the Danish guides take children and teenager out for exciting expeditions on the sea floor and other tours in the nature and culture of the surrounding area.

Culture & History

The Wadden Sea offers much more than unique nature: On the three Wadden Sea islands Rømø, Mandø and Fanø you can find a lot of stories from the era of whaling and great merchant fleets which secured the living of the inhabitants and brought prosperity and wealth on the islands.
At the mainland coast, well protected behind the dikes, lies Ribe, the oldest Danish town. The location of Ribe and the other old towns at the higher geest still shows, how inhospitable and dangerous life at the coast was in former times. As the dikes increased in safety, the colonisation moved forward into the marshes step by step. The risk of storm surges was forgotten. But the storm surges returned and flooded the marshes. In many places you can see “storm tide poles” that show the power and strength of the sea. The last storm surge raged in 2005 and during the storm surge of 1999 the area only narrowly escaped a catastrophe.
Nature and culture in the Wadden Sea offer an abundance of stories that are filled with life by the colourful narrations of the guides.

Your individual IWSS programme

The IWSS programmes of the Danish nature centres are suggestions for school trips in this part of the Wadden Sea. If you have own ideas and wishes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our guides.

The “Small Print”

  • A guide is allowed to accompany a group of up to 28 persons. If your group is bigger than 28, the group will be split up and accompanied by two guides.
  • Our prices are quoted per group and guide and are subject to changes of price and exchange rate.
  • Most of the activities depend on the tides. Strong wind can cause a shift of particular activities or changes of programme.