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Article in "Schule Aktuell" 09/2004



Environmental Education

Experience the Wadden Sea...

„Wadden Sea? Isn’t that the brown mud, when the water is gone, where there are crabs and seashells and stuff like that? We went there on class trip in 5th grade.“
With their feet in the mud, a crab on their hand and young shrimps in the bug eye viewer, many thousand school children experience the Wadden Sea each year on excursions in this „habitat at second glance“.
This way, their learn to appreciate the Wadden Sea as a very special nature area and ecosystem worth protecting. And many years later, they still remember the „walk on the bottom of the sea“, the „prezel stick of the North“ and „the world’s fastest snail“.

... on class trips and in class

It is for a reason that the coast of the North Sea and the Wadden Sea is one of the most favourite travel destination for class trips: The diverse possibilities for nature experience and adventures in the Wadden Sea National Parks and nature reserves, the extraordinary landscape and the region’s many leisure time and recreation offers provide an ideal frame for environmental, adventure and experiential education. Class tips to an international Wadden Sea destination complete these experiences with intercultural aspects.
Furthermore, the Wadden Sea is a favourite and well-proven topic for (interdisciplinary) class room teaching, as it is both complex and concise and can be linked to many subjects.

Class trips with IWSS-Programme

Far more than mud and crabs

On class trips with an IWSS-Programme the pupils will discover the Wadden Sea in the different regions from various perspectives. They get to know the unique nature area as an ecosystem without borders, they experience differences and similarities of the Danish, German and Dutch Wadden Sea region and train their international communication skills.

Getting close to nature with a broad(er) horizon

The programmes of the IWSS-partners always offer - besides nature experiences and Wadden Sea ecology - activities (link intern: activities) about the culture and history of the people living in this region as well as activities about the regional and international protection of the Wadden Sea. These activities aim at raising the awareness for a shared responsibility for the Wadden Sea and at creating an understanding for the importance of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation.