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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Everybody is talking about it: Education for Sustainable Development

At the latest by the start of the 2005 UN-Decade with the same name, education in and outside school cannot be imagined without Education for Sustainable Development.
More and more, the nature centres in the Wadden Sea adjust their concepts and activities to the new educational standards.

Abstract concept with a clear message

Education for sustainable development should enable people to deal with questions of ecology and development and to take the chance of an active participation.
Its goal is to raise awareness for and identification with the environment and therefore it is not only transfer of knowledge but also action-orientated and political learning.

Sustainable Development of the Wadden Sea region

The IWSS-partnes render an important contribution to the implementation of ESD: They communicate knowledge about the Wadden Sea as a common natural and cultural heritage, its uniqueness as habitat for plants and animals and its importance for us humans. With the gained knowledge the understanding for the diverse needs will grow, as well as the ability to discuss possibilities of conflict management that will permit sustainable development.

Regional precursor...

Regional initiatives like the working group „BNE im Watt“ (Sustainable Development in the Wadden Sea) of the “Nationalpark Wattführer” (National Park Mudflat Guides) in Schleswig-Holstein or the project „Naturschule Nationalpark“ (National Park Nature School) of  Schutzstation Wattenmeer promote the development of ESD-conform offers in the Wadden Sea region.

The „Rahmenkonzept für die Bildungsarbeit in der Nationalparkregion“ (frame concept of nature education in the National Park region) supports the adjustment of educational offers according to the principles of ESD and provides an important frame for the qualitative development, structuring and coordination of the various activities.
Furthermore, there is a common initiative of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Environment to award nature centres a certificate as “Partner for Education for a Sustainable Development”. – a title that the Wattenmeerhaus Hooge has been awarded already in 2005.

... with effects on the entire Wadden Sea

Already now many of the IWSS-Partners' educational offers go along with the contents and goals of ESD. Internationally linked, the partners exchange regional experiences and ideas and develop their individual and common offers. ESD and its practical implementation in Wadden Sea learning will also be an important issue on the agenda of the next international IWSS-network meeting at the end of 2007. The results will be posted at this site.

Nachhaltig erfolgreich!

Die IWSS ist von der UNESCO als Offizielles Projekt der Weltdekade Bildung für eine Nachhaltige Entwicklung 2008/2009 ausgezeichnet worden. Nach einer umfangreichen Weiterentwicklung läuft derzeit die Wiederbewerbung als Dekade-Projekt 2010/2011 läuft. Die Enscheidung fällt im Frühjahr 2010.

Für ihr besonderes Engagement ist der IWSS 2008 der "Förderpreis Nachhaltigkeit in Schleswig Holstein" verliehen worden. Professor Willfried Janssen stellte die Leistung in seiner Laudatio heraus.