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Of Wealthy Sailors and Nature´s Treasures

Intensive nature and culture experiences far north in the Wadden Sea

Scenery and Surroundings

Fanø, most northern island in the Wadden Sea, was in former times resident of the greatest royal merchant fleet. Till the end of the 18th century the workers built more than 2000 trading ships in Fanø´s shipyards. The splendid houses are still reflecting the former wealth of the inhabitants in Nordby and Sønderho.

Additionally to the various insights into the island´s history, a class trip to Fanø offers intensive experiences out in nature - at all seasons and in all weathers. Exploring the unique landscape, the pupils get to know the Wadden Sea´s genesis and dynamics. While watching birds and seals, the children get in touch with the fascinating habitat as well as the animals and plants that have adapted to it.


There are four group accomodations with 24 to 56 beds available. It is recommended to book all accomodations up to 1 year in advance.

Getting there

By train via Niebüll (D) and Tønder (DK) to Esbjerg. By public busses you get to the ferry pier and from there in about 12 minutes to Fanø. (Time for travelling from Hamburg: 5,5 - 6h)

The best way to get around on Fanø is by bike (can be borrowed at the site) or by public transport.


Sample Programme


1st day:

Pm: Arrival and first orientation. Greeting by the local nature guide and short introduction into the program. Followed by an informative slide presentation about the danish Wadden Sea.

2nd day:
Enthralling walking-tour to Søren Jessen Sand (sandbar located in the west of Fanø) with an introduction into the genesis of the Wadden Sea. Followed by an exciting excursion focusing on the vegetation in the great dune area north of the sandbar.

3rd day:
Cultural and natural history bicycle tour (full day). Visiting the ancient sailortown Sønderho and getting an impression of the life 200 years ago. Furthermore, the tour includes a stop at the cathedral and and a walk in "artisticfootsteps". At low tide: mudflatwalk to the area´s greatest seal bar (including a search for shells, ornithological observation and information about correlation between landscape and its inhabitants that are worth knowing).

4th day:
Am: Visit of Fanø Costume and Navigation Museum with insights into women´s traditional life. Pm: "Live music" - Fanø´s musician sallow an insight in the interesting history of music. Evening: IWSS course summary with final quiz.

5th day:

Tip: Length and content of the program can be individually arranged!

Fanø - Travel Information


  • Feriehjemmet Fanø
    Sønder Bavnen 7
    DK 6270 Nordby, Fanø
    42 beds, self-catering
    Information & booking:
    Jytte MøllerJagtvej 79
    DK 6705 Esbjerg
    t 0045 7514 - 2879, f - 2877
  • Haus Fenjagården
    Klingebjergvej 21
    DK 6720 Rindby, Fanø
    40 beds, self-catering
    Information & booking:
    Jan Alber Jepsen
    Hovedgaden 85
    D6720 Nordby, Fanø
    t 0045 7516 - 2770

Tip: Engage the handy IWSS Cooking Service in all self-cateringaccommodations!

Shopping Facilities

  • Rindby Supermarkt
    Kirkevejen 32
    DK 6270 Rindby, Fanø
    t 0045 7516 - 3546
    The supermarket is offering a deliveryservice directly to your accommodation.
  • Dagli´ Brugsen
    Hovedgaden 75
    6720 Nordby, Fanø
    t 0045 7516 - 2009
  • Super Spar
    Strandvejen 27
    6720 Nordby, Fanø
    t 0045 7516 - 3120

Anreise & Transport vor Ort

  • Train (DB, Nord-Ostsee-Bahn, DSB):
    For information, booking & reservation forgroup travels from Germany please call:
    +49 (0) 1805-995511
    Time table & fares:
  • Bus:
    No 5, Esbjerg to ferry pier Esbjerg
    No 631, getting around on Fanø
    Time schedule & fares:
    t 0045 7512 0799
  • Ferry:
    Scandlines Esbjerg
    t 0045 7611 - 5450
  • Transfer Fanø:
    Fanø taxi
    t 0045 7516 6200
  • Bike Rental Outlet
    Unika cykler
    t 0045 7516 - 2460

Tip: Book trains & busses well inadvance for best group discounts!

Program & Activities

IWSS Program 

  • Nature guide Marco Brodde
    t 0045 4095 - 4563
    Details & rates on request.

Tip: The Nature guide offers consultancy in planning your indivdual program!

Sightseeing at Fanø

  • Fanø Artmuseum
    Nordland 5
    DK Sonderhø
    Opening time: 1.4 - 1.11, Tue - Fr 14.00 -17.00h
    t 0045 7516 - 4044


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