Safe & sound on a class trip

To ensure that your class trip will be a successful and safe experience, we recommend to take out some useful insurances for the participants and accompanying teachers.The most important insurances are personal liability insurance, travel health insurance, travel cancellation insurance and accident insurance. Special combinations that some insurance companies offer for school trips usually provide the easiest and cheapest solution.In Germany, for example these companies offer such packages:
As many schools have framework agreements with insurance companies, it is worthwhile to check with the person in charge of class trips at your school before you ask around for offers yourself


The most important insurances

Personal Liability Insurance

Most pupils have this insurance via their parents’ liability insurance. However, there are always exceptions that can lead to expensive and avoidable complications in cases of damage. A liability insurance for the complete group covers potential gaps and guarantees liability insurance for all members of the group and the accompanying teachers, insurance for cases of neglected obligatory supervision, damages to persons and damages to rented property.

Health Insurance

For class trips within Germany health insurance for German pupils is provided by their regular health insurance. Pupils with public health insurance should bring along their health insurance card, those with a private health insurance should bring a copy of the health insurance certificate. For class trips abroad a special travel health insurance should be that also includes the (medically necessary) transportation.

Accident Insurance

On authorised class trips the pupils are insured via the statutory accident insurance of the respective federal state. However, this insurance is not valid around the clock, and e.g. sleeping and meal times or going to the toilet are generally considered personal affairs and not covered by this statutory insurance. These situations are covered by the personal accident insurance (provided the pupils have one). To automatically insure all pupils in all situations we recommend to take out an additional (and in most packages already included) accident insurance for groups.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

A travel cancellation insurance covers cancellation fees if single pupils or – in case one of the accompanying teachers cannot join the journey – the entire group cannot make use of the booked services (transportation, accommodation, etc.) because of “valid” reasons (i.e. reasons stated in the insurance policy).
As class trips are usually booked several months in advance and often there are summer holidays and the start of a new school year between the booking and the actual trip, the travel cancellation insurance should accept besides illness and death of the travellers also changes of classes or schools as reasons for cancellation. Some insurances also cover the additional costs of a later journey back home if a participant had to stay in the hospital.

Further Insurances

Additional insurances such as baggage insurance or legal protection insurance are subject to the participants’ respectively the parents’ discretion.