The keyword "Wadden Sea" currently yields about 300.000 hits in the internet. A choice of the most informative links you can find here.

Links to (additional) German, Danish and Dutch websites are offered at the same place in the other language-versions of this site. (en)
The homepage of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation is a brilliant resource for background reading and in depth information on the activities of the Trilateral Cooperation. Many publications are available as downloads, others can be ordered via mail. (nl, en)
The Dutch forum for information on the Wadden Sea. The homepage offers up-to-date information, articles and background reading on biological, geographical, socio-cultural and political issues as well as links to nearly every institution concerned with the Wadden Sea. (de, partly en)
The homepage of the German Wadden Sea National Park administrations. A good resource for information on the National Parks. The Schleswig-Holstein page includes an extensive bibliography. (dk, en, de)

This site of the Danish “Vadehavets Turistråd” and others offers information about nature in the (Danish) Wadden Sea area as well as an up-to-date calendar of events (guided tours, exhibitions, etc.). (de, tw. en)

Who? How? What? Questions and answers related to the use of nature and nature protection in the Wadden Sea. Compiled by conscientious objectors of environmental organisations within the framework of their training at Schutzstation Wattenmeer. (de, en)

The Aktionskonferenz Nordsee (AKN) contributes to the development and promotion of environmentally and socially beneficial structures for the North Sea ecosystem, its coastal regions and the rivers flowing into the North Sea. The association publishes information and educational material and the homepage informs about various aspects of North Sea protection.