Krabben Comic mit Buch in der Hand

The German, Dutch and Danish book markets offer a broad choice of publications related to the Wadden Sea -  ranging from photo collections, sea shore guides and workbooks for classroom teaching to CDs, videos and scientifc literature.
Several publications are available in English, too.  

We have compiled a choice of literature and media that can help you prepare a class trip to the Wadden Sea or provide useful information and tips for teaching about the Wadden Sea in class.

For (additional) publications in German, Dutch and Danish please refer to the same section in the respective language version of this site.

1. Teaching Resources

  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (without year): RSPB Curriculum guide 8-14 years: Estuaries.
    RSPB, 36 p. ISBN 0-903138-662 A complete lesson on estuaries suitable for primary and secondary education, including master copies for worksheets and transparencies. Although focussed on British estuaries, most of the content also applies to the Wadden Sea.

2. Bestimmungsliteratur

  • FITTER, R., FITTER, A. & BLAMEY, M. (2001): Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe.
    Collins Pocket Guide. Harper Collins Publishers. ISBN 0-00-220062-7
    A comprehensive guide to trees, shrubs and flowering plants. Over 1950 species described, 1430 illustrated in colour.
  • HAYWARD, P., NELSON-SMITH, T. & C. SHIELDS (1996): Sea Shore of Britain & Northern Europe.
    Collins Pocket Guides. Harper Collins Publishers, 352 p. ISBN 0-00-219955-6
    Describes over 3,000 species of plant and animal (excluding birds) that are found on the sea shore – from the highest spring tide to 5 metres below sea level. Although the drawings are imprecise in some cases, this book is highly recommendable.
  • HEINZEL, H. & FITTER, R. (2001): Birds of Britain and Europe.
    Collins Pocket Guide. Harper Collins Publishers. ISBN 0-00-219894-0 Compact pocket guide with numerous colour illustrations.
  • JONSSON, L. (1999): Birds of Europe.
    Christopher Helm Publishers, 560 p. ISBN 0-713-65238-1
    Among the large variety of guides to birds the one with the largest illustrations.
  • MILLER, P.J. & LOATES, M.J. (1997): Fish of Britain and Europe. Collins Pocket Guide. Harper Collins Publishers, 288 p. ISBN 0-00-219945-9
    Over 750 species of freshwater and saltwater fish described and illustrated in colour with distribution maps for most species.
  • PANAFIEU, JEAN-BAPTISTE DE (1995): Seashore.
    Collins Watch Guides. Harper Collins Publishers, 48 p. ISBN 0-00-220088-0
    Compact and easy to use introduction to the seashore, including a small glossary.
  • SVENSSON, L. & Grant, P. (2000): Birds of Europe.
    Princeton University Press, 400 p. ISBN 0-691-05054-6
    A modern identification guide to birds with many small but convincing illustrations.

3. Introduction & Overview

  • JEPSEN, P.U. (2000): Images of the Wadden Sea – Nature and Man in a Tidal Area.
    Varde Museum, 135 p. ISBN 87-89834-35-6
    A brilliant publication about the Danish part of the Wadden Sea covering nature as well as socio-cultural aspect and conservation issues.

4. Ecology & Special Habitats

  • REISE, K. (1985): Tidal Flat Ecology.
    Ecological Studies 54. Springer-Verlag, Berlin / New York, 191 p. ISBN 3-540-15447-7
    This well-written “experimental approach to species interactions” explains basic ecological relations as well as complex interactions. A must for everybody interested in the ecology of the Wadden Sea. Out of print but possibly available second-hand (i.e.