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Small but Beautiful: the Wadden Sea of Hamburg

Exciting nature experiences in the smallest Wadden Sea National Park

Scenery and Surroundings

The smallest of all German Wadden Sea National Parks consists of just three islands. Yet, it offers its visitors amultitude of nature experiences and places worth seeing. The vast mudflats, blooming salt marshes, thousands of migratory birds and the oldest building along the German coast are only a few of them. Neuwerk is a popular destination for school classes. The modern National Park Visitor Centre with an interesting exhibition and tidal aquarium invites to discover the Wadden Sea's nature, culture and history. The classroom laboratory offers great possibilities for research and further investigations. On guided tours to the mudflats and salt marshes the typical animals and plants of the Wadden Sea can be explored. An exceptional experience is a walk to the sealbanks and "amber shore" along the Elbe fairway. But also just getting to the island of Neuwerk can be an adventure, as you can reach it by boat or at low tide by "mudflat carriage" or on your own feet.


Two school hostels (self-catering) with50 beds each.

Getting there

By train to Cuxhaven and further by bus, taxi or foot (ca. 15 min) to the harbour “Alte Liebe”, where the boat to Neuwerk leaves. Alternatively from Cuxhaven Sahlenburg by "Wattwagen" (mudflat carriage) to the island.

Sample Programme


1st day:

Pm: Arrival & first orientation. Short introductionto the IWSS programme and evening walk around the island.

2nd day:
Am: "Island Experience Quest" aboutNeuwerk´s culture & history. Pm: Free time; optional visit to the Amber Museum or swimming in the sea.

3rd day:
Am: Guided tour on the mudflats. Afterwards studies of typical WaddenSea organisms in the National ParkCentre's "water laboratory" & and quiz about the exhibition. Pm: Bird watching activity.

4th day:
Am: Walk over the mudflats to the bird island Scharhörn & visit to the local birdwarden. Pm: Creative crafts with natural materials from the seashore. Farewell party in the evening.

5th day:
Depature after breakfeast (dependingon the tides).

Neuwerk - Reiseinfos kompakt


  • School Hostel „Neuwerk am Turm“
    D-27499 Insel Neuwerk
    50 beds, self-catering
    Contact: Verein Schullandheim Neuwerk am Turm e.V.
    Hartmut Neutzner
    Holstenstiege 24
    D-25469 Halstenbek
    t +49 4101 - 458 77 f - 406 713
  • School Hostel "Meereswoge"
    27499 Insel Neuwerk
    50 beds, self-catering
    Contact: Dieter Reeck
    Carsten-Reimers-Ring 45
    D-22175 Hamburg
    t +49 40 - 640 1047, f - 640 1047

Tip: The IWSS offers a cooking-service for all self-catering accomodations!

Shopping Facilities

  • SPAR - Supermarkt
    Brahmsstraße 43
    D-27474 Cuxhaven
    t +49 4721 - 51333 o. 31473
    Please make sure to order one day in advance. The groceries will be delivered to the pier on Neuwerk from where they have to be collected. Trolleys are available at the accommodations.There is more information available in the booking documents of the accommodation.

Getting there & around

Tip: Book trains & busses well in advance for best group discounts!

Programme & Activities

IWSS programme

  • National Park Visitor Centre Neuwerk
    D-27499 Insel Neuwerk
    t +49 4721 - 395349, f - 395866
  • Nationalpark Centre
    D-27499 Insel Neuwerk
    t +49 4721 - 69271

Tip: Ask the visitor centre for an individual IWSS-programme!

Sightseeing on Neuwerk

  • Amber Museum (Haus Bernstein)
    t +49 4721 - 28708
  • Cemetery of the Nameless
  • Lighthouse / Turmwurt
    t +49 4721 - 29078


  • Bauernhafen
  • Badehaus
  • Schiffsanleger