Sponsors & Foundations

Strong partners support the IWSS:

COSTA Meeresspezialitäten GmbH

COSTA, Hersteller von Fisch- und Meeresspezialitäten, unterstützt den WWF bei seinem Engagement zur Weiterentwicklung der IWSS von 2011 bis 2013. Mit dieser Förderung kann das IWSS-Angebot auf alle interessierten Bildungseinrichtungen im internationalen Wattenmeer ausgeweitet werden. Durch neue Bildungsprojekte, Schulaktionen und den Ausbau des Klassenfahrten-Angebotes sollen viele weitere Kinder und Jugendliche das „grenzenlose Wattenmeer“ erleben können.


The NAM supports our activities in The Netherlands. With their help, teachers are informed about the IWSS’ offers and receive advice for the arrangement of class trips to all IWSS-destinations. Furthermore, the NAM’s support makes it possible to produce professional marketing and advertising material.

BINGO – Environmental Lottery

With a generous funding provided by BINGO – Environmental Lottery the IWSS’ pilot phase could be realized from 2003 to 2005. About 1200 pupils took part in more than 30 pilot courses and international exchange visits in all three Wadden Sea countries.

HANUI – Hanseatische Natur- und Umweltinitiative

A project funding by HANUI in 2006 made it possible to produce 10 sets of “Conny’s Wadden Adventures – Wadden Sea English for Beginners”, a package of teaching resources about animals in the trilateral Wadden Sea and English as a common language of understanding. The materials are used in the IWSS Partner Centres and lend out to schools.

We are most grateful to all foundations and sponsors!


Advice & Help

Help us realize the “international Wadden awarensee”
Many good ideas need many small steps towards their realization. With your help we can speed up and inspire even more children and youths for the “boundless” Wadden Sea!
From home you could help us e.g. with

  • translations
  • drawings
  • handycrafts
  • layouts
  • information
  • and much more

Together with your class you can help us by

  • testing new teaching resources
  • trying our new activities
  • evaluate ideas from a teacher’s and pupil’s point of view
  • giving us tips how to adapt our offer even better to your needs

We are happy to talk to you personally how you could individually support our ongoing work. Please contact us here!We express our thanks with great Wadden Sea postcards, informative posters or free “taster”-activities and field trips.

We are looking forward to your help!