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Alles Hallig oder Watt?

Article about a sustainable "sample class trip" to Hooge.

Wettbewerb nachhaltige Klassenreisen

Sustainable Tourism

Class trips – naturally sustainable!

Sustainable class trips set the trend! Participate and thus ensure that your class trip does not only educate today’s pupils but also that the region and environment stay exciting for the future generations.

For most pupils, class trips are the first travel experience independent of their parents. Therefore, the destinations as well as the way of travelling will leave a truly lasting impression that might influence the pupils’ future travel behaviour.
If environmentally friendly, socially agreeable and economically attractive ways of travelling are experienced together, that experience will stay through future travelling.
With a sustainable class trip you will make an important contribution to the long-term development of sustainable tourism!


Our „Sustainability Check“ will lead you step by step to a great class trip with role model character. From the preparation of the trip over the choice of transport and accommodation to the programme arrangement and evaluation we will help you to arrange your journey according to the principles of sustainable tourism.You will notice that a sustainable class trip does not have to be less comfortable or more expensive than a “conventional” trip. On top of that, when planning the trip together, your students will learn a lot about economical, ecological and social coherences – very much in the sense of „Education for Sustainable Development“.For more information about sustainable class trips see