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The Wadden Sea in class: Schultour (de)


Teaching in Class

IWSS Rollenspiel: Deichen oder weichen?

Hier das ganze Spiel zum Download (zip, ca. 19MB) in deutscher, englischer, niederländischer und dänischer Sprache

Popular and well proven: The Wadden Sea in class

The Wadden Sea is not only a popular destination for class trips, but also a well proven topic for teaching in class, as it is complex and yet concise and perfect for interdisciplinary learning.
From Biology, Geography, History and Social Studies to Math, Arts and even Music there is hardly any subject that could not be linked to aspects and illustrated with colourful examples of the Wadden Sea.
The activities of the IWSS Partner Centres offer a broad range of themes with various links to the regular teaching curricula that provide a useful addition to the education in school.

Just have a look (de): After their class trip to Fanø (DK) an 8th grade has written down how diverse the connections to school subjects are.

Preparing your class trip

For the preparation of your class trip to the Wadden Sea the German and Dutch (and to a lesser extend also the Danish and English) book markets offer a wide range of general and specific information for all age-groups and school levels. CD-Roms, videos, informative web-sites and resource packages such as the new „Wadden Sea Resource Package“ of the three German National Parks complete the offers and motivate the pupils for independent learning.
In the category „Wadden Sea Information“ you will find a selection of publications, media and web-pages. You can also download the commented literature list (de) here.

Do you speak Wadden?

Especially for the IWSS’ international offers we have compiled the „Wadden Sea Dictionary“. From A (lgea) to Z (onation) you will find several hundred names of plants and animals as well as general expressions of the Wadden Sea in English, German, Danish and Dutch. The 4-part dictionary offers the possibility to translate from all four languages into all four languages. And has an abbreviation explanation that explains the most common abbreviations and names. The Wadden Sea Dictionary is the ideal preparation tool for study- und class trips to the international Wadden Sea and makes communication at the sites much easier.

DE only: Das Nationalpark-Wattpaket

Jetzt können Sie sich den Nationalpark Wattenmeer ins Klassenzimmer holen! In diesem umfassenden Medienpaket finden Sie alles, was Sie für Ihren Unterricht in der 3. bis 6. Klassenstufe brauchen:

  • Unterrichtsanregungen
  • Arbeitsbögen
  • Materialien (Muschel- und Schneckenschalen, Poster..)
  • Literatur (Sachbücher für Kinder und Lehrkräfte…)
  • Bestimmungshilfen
  • Spiele (Quartett, Rätsel…)
  • Bastelideen
  • Hinweise auf außerschulische Lernorte

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