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Of Diverse Birds and SailorĀ“s Yarn

Natural and cultural experiences on the most western island of the Wadden Sea

Scenery and Surroundings

Texel, the greatest of the Dutch, German and Danish Wadden Sea islands, is located furthest west in the Wadden Sea.The great number of breeding and migratory bird species that occur on Texeland its diverse landscape make the island an attractive and popular destination.While the eastern part of the island is surrounded by tidal mudflats, a kilometer long beach extends along the westcoast. Inbetween lies a cultural landscape full of history. The extensive dune area with its dry dunes, humid valleys, small woods, beach and heathland areas is habitat of many animals and plants and was declared National Park in 2001. Texel's diverse landscape provides ideal conditions for exciting experiences and learning by doing on a class trip: trawlnet fishing in a tidal creek, walking on the mudflats, watching stars, spotting birds, listening to beachcomber stories and much more. Starting point is the Visitor Centre Ecomare,that comprises a great exhibition, seal station and modern educational facilities well-suited for group work.


There are many comfortable group accommodations (self-catering or fullboard) available on Texel.

Getting There

By train to Den Helder. From there by public transport to the Texel ferry (Traveltime from Hamburg appx. 7-8 h, from Amsterdam about 2 h) It is advisable to rent bikes at the location.

Sample Programme


1st day:
Pm: Arrival and first orientation. In the evening night hike along the beach and through the small wood with exciting beachcomber stories and sailorĀ“s yarn.

2nd day:
Am: Visit to Ecomare Centre for Wadden and North Sea with exhibition-quiz and seal-feeding show. Pm: Short introduction to the mudflat programme followed by a mudflat excursion with taking of samples for later investigation.

3rd day:
Am: Investigation of the collected samples with binocular & microscope in Ecomare's water-laboratory. Pm: "Slufter programme" with salt marsh vegetation and trawlnet fishing.

4th day:
Am: Cutter tour with fishing of shrimps and other marine animals (incl. cooking & tasting of shrimps). Pm: Introduction to bird watching followed by a bird walk. In the evening IWSS-Quiz about the Wadden Sea andTexel.
5th day:
Departure after breakfast.

Tip: Book an exciting programme all-inclusive!

Dynamisch, divers & spezialisiert


1st day:
Arrival around noon and first orientation. Pm: Visit of the Ecomare Centre. Night hike in the evening.

2nd day:
Am: Short introduction to the mudflat programme followed by a mudflat excursion with taking of samples. Pm: Investigation of the collected samples with binocular & microscope in Ecomare's water-laboratory.

3rd day:
Am.: "Slufter program" with salt marsh vegetation and trawlnet fishing in a tidal creek. Pm: Departure.

Texel - Travel Information


  • Bloem en Bos I und II
    Gerritslanderdijkje 2
    NL 1791 NB Den Burg
    t +31 222 - 312 - 216 f - 216
    Bloem Bos I: 34 beds, self-catering
    Bloem Bos II: 16 beds, self-catering
  • Jonkersbergen
    Hemmerweg 21
    NL 1797 RC Den Hoorn
    70 beds, self-catering
    Contact: Gerard und Janka Bakker
    t +31 222 - 319 371, f - 371
  • Immetjeshoeve
    Westerweg 20a
    NL 1791 NB Den Burg
    20-30 persons, self-catering
    A.M.G. Langeveld-Slot
    Postweg 140
    NL 1795 JS De Cocksdorp
    t +31 222 - 311 262, f - 734
  • Further accommodations
    There are many more group accommodations available on Texel:

Tip: The IWSS offers a cooking-service for all self-catering accommodations!

Shopping facilities

  • Delivery service
    Fa. Goenga
    Please order 3-4 days in advance under
    t +31 222 - 319 252, f - 401
    or on the internet:

Getting There & Around

  • Train (DB, Nord-Ostsee-Bahn):
    From Germany:
    DB-group travel service
    t +49 18 05 - 99 55 11
    Timetable - & fares:
    From Denmark:
    From The Netherlands
  • Bus
    No. 33, Den Helder station to ferryport
    Time table & fares:
  • Ferry
    The ferry operates daily every 30 minutes!
    Time table & fares: t +31 222 - 36 96 91
  • Bike Rental Outlet
    Bikes can be rented directly at the ferry.
    Lugaggetransport is usually included. Reservation is required! Rijwielverhuur Veerhaven Texel
    Pontweg 2
    Den Hoorn

Tip: Book trains & busses well in advance for best group discounts!

Programme & Activities

IWSS Programme

  • Ecomare
    Ruijslaan 92
    17926 AZ De Koog
    Details on programmme & fees on request:
    t +31 222 - 317 741, f 317 744
    Opening hours: daily 9.00-17.00h

Tip: Ask the centre for an individual IWSS-programme!

Sightseeing on Texel

  • Museum of Local History
    Hogereind 6
    t +31 222 - 312 951
    Mon 13.30 - 17.00h
    Tue - Fri 10.00 - 17.00h
    Sat 10.00 - 17.00h
    Sun 14.00 - 16.00h
  • Wreker Museum Flora
    Pontweg 141
    Opens Mon - Sat 10.00 - 17.00h
    Guided tours: t +31 222 - 321 230
  • Maritime and Beach Comber's Museum
    Barentszstraat 21
    NL 1792 Oudeschild
    Opens Tue - Sat 10.00 - 17.00h
    Sun 12.00 - 17.00h

Further Information