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IWSS Travel Info Tønder Marsh


Tønder Marsh

Of Men, Marshes & the Sea

Exploring the life behind the dike in a cultural landscape full of history

Scenery and Surroundings

Tønder Marsh and the neighbouring Ballum Marsh form a unique cultural landscape. Denmark´s largest grassland and pasture area is characterized by fertile marshy soils and the constant threat of storm surges from the nearby North Sea. The people living in this area have to adapt to these conditions. Already the Frisians knew that when they colonized the area in the Middle Ages and built thier houses on dwelling mounds to protect them from flooding. Witnesses of the early settlements and trading activities can still befound today in the "marsh towns" Tønderand Skærbæk as well as in the surrounding marshland. On excursions and tours in the area these traces and today´s nature and culture can be discovered.


Youth Hostel in Tønder or in Rudbøl, Holiday Centre in Skærbæk or campsites in the area.

Getting there

By train to Tønder or Skærbæk, further by public bus or taxi transfer. (Traveltime from Hamburg ca. 3,5h). It is recommended to rent bicycles on location.

Sample Programme


1st day:
Pm: Arrival and first orientation. Welcom and short introduction to the Wadden Sea area and the week´s programme by a local natuer guide.

2nd day:
Mudflat expedition and investigation of plants and animales with thier adaptation to this specific habitat.

3rd day:
„Man & Marsh": Looking for traces of human settlement and colonization of the marshland.

4th day:
"Water & Landscape": All-day proramme about water in the marshland (tidal creeks, drainage channels, rivers) as connection between land, sea and culture.

5th day:

Further Activities

In this part of the Danish Wadden Sea the IWSS programme stresses the cultural influence on the landscape and the experience of and living in nature. For especially intensive impressions the Naturcenter Tøndermarsken offers round trips by bike with overnight stays on simple camp sites. Further information can be optained from the local nature guide Søren Jessen:

Tønder and Ballum - Travel Information


  • Tønder Vandrerhjem (Youth Hostel)
    Sønderport 4
    DK 6270 Tønder
    Contact: Karin Hansen
    t +45 747 23 500 f - 22 797
  • Rudbøl Vandrerhjem (Youth Hostel)
    Rudbølvej 19 - 21
    DK 8298 Højer
    Contact: Kirsten Bossen
    t +45 7473 - 8298, f - 8035
    54 beds, self-catering
  • Skærbæk Freizeitzentrum
    Storegade 46-48
    DK 6780 Skærbæk
    t +45 7475 - 1970

Shopping Facilities

  • Please contact Søren Jessen for information:
    t +45 7351 4463 / 20304139

Getting There & Around

Tip: Book trains & busses well in advance for best group discounts!

Program & Activities

IWSS Programme

  • Søren Rask Jessen
    Program details & rates on inquiery:
    t +45 7351 4463 / 2030413, f 0045 7472 - 2797

Tip: Ask the natur guide for an individual IWSS-programme!

Sightseeing Tønder/Skærbæk

  • Tønder Museum
    Kongevej 51
    Opened 1.6 - 31.8: Mo - So 10.00 -17.00h,
    1.9 - 31.5: Mo - So 10.00 - 17.00h
    For details t +45 7472 - 8989
  • Nolde Museum
    D- 25927 Neukirchen
    Opens 1.3 -30.11: Mo - So 10.00 - 18.00h
    Guided tours t +49 4664 - 364
  • Møgeltønder Church
    Sønderbyvej 24
    DK 6270 Tønder
    t +45 7473 - 8189
  • Hjemstedt Oltidspark
    Hjemstedvej 60
    D 6780 Skærbæk
    t +45 7475 - 0800

Favourite Excursions

Further Information