Journey to & from

All IWSS-destinations – also the islands and Hallig islands – can be reached by public transportation. Thanks to numerous group discounts of railway, bus and ferry companies travelling with public transportation is not only friendly to the environment but also to your budget and often much cheaper than going by coach.
However, as many discounts are only granted upon prior registration of the group and a reservation for trains and busses is highly recommendable, you should contact the respective transportation companies well in advance. You find all relevant contact addresses in the “IWSS Travel Information” of the individual destinations. Further tips are also given below.

Luggage transportation

At many destinations it is possible to have your group’s luggage transported from the ferry port or bus stop to the accommodation while the group walks or cycles the remaining way. At the Dutch destinations usually the bike rental outlet offers this service (also see “local transportation”), in Germany and Denmark there are transportation companies and taxis available. The various offers are stated in the “IWSS Travel Information” of the individual destinations.

Local transportation

At the individual destinations the best ways of transportation or by foot, bike or public busses and trains. If you come by coach, you will not need during your stay. Bike rental outlets and local public transportation companies are are stated in the “IWSS Travel Information” of the individual destinations.
You should reserve bikes several months in advance. While at some destinations it is useful to rent bikes for entire duration of your stay, at other destinations you will only need them one or two day-trips.
Most bike rental outlets offer to bring (and pick up) the bikes to a place of your choice. When and for how long you should rent bikes should best be discussed already when planning the programme together with the nature centre of your choice.
At the Dutch IWSS-destinations it is highly recommendable to rent the bikes for the entire duration of your stay. The bikes are delivered directly to the ferry port and while the group cycles to the accommodation, the bike rental outlet takes care of the luggage transportation. This works vice-versa on the way back.
Even if most bike rental outlets offer modern and safe bikes: Have a good look at all aspects of road safety when getting the bikes, take along at least one bicycle tyre inflator and a telephone number far emergencies, so that a broken bike can quickly be replaced. If you want or need to use bicycle helmets, these must be brought along.

Group discounts of the “Deutsche Bahn”

If you travel from within Germany or have access to the German railway company from abroad (tickets can also be bought from e.g. Amsterdam to Wilhelmshaven and back to Amsterdam) you should consider the following information about group discounts:
The Deutsche Bahn offers discounts of up to 70% on the regular fare for groups of 6 or more persons. These so-called “Gruppe&Spar”-fares are limited, though, and should be booked way in advance.
The group offers can be booked up to 6 months in advance. So if you plan to travel on 23 May of a particular year, you can book the ticket from 23 November of the previous year.
For more information on group offers please refer to For individual offers, reservation and booking call +49 (0) 1805 – 995511.
When you book a group journey, the Deutsch Bahn almost always includes a travel cancellation insurance. Howver, you will only need this insurance if you do not have any other travel cancellation insurance. Also see here for more infos about useful insurances.

Seasonal schedules of boats & ferries

During the holiday season from May to September the boats and ferries travel daily to the islands and Hallig islands. If you plan to come between October and April, please notice that some lines (e.g. to the Hallig islands and to Neuwerk) do NOT operate on a daily basis. The various schedules are usually considered in the time table information of e.g. the Deutsche Bahn ( Links to the various ferry companies are stated in the “IWSS Travel Information” of the individual destinations.

Travelling by coach

If a journey with public transportation is not possible for your group, travelling by coach can be a comfortable and – if the coaches meet modern standards, e.g. equipped with particulate filters – environmentally sound alternative. It is worthwhile to ask several bus companies for costs estimates as the prices may differ considerably.
The German TÜV-Certificate “Sicherer Busbetrieb“ (safe bus company) guarantees regular technical controls of the coaches and the adherence to safety rules such as rest periods resp. appropriate changes of drivers at long-distance travels.