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IWSS Travel Info Vester Vedsted

Vester Vedsted

Vester Vedsted

Marshland, Mudflats & Storm Surge Impressions

Fantastic nature experiences close to Denmark's oldest town Ribe

Scenery & Surroundings

The small village of Vester Vedsted is situated right in the middle of the Danish Wadden Sea coast at the edge of the marshland. The local Wadden Sea Centre is starting point for a broad choice of excursions to the Wadden Sea, Denmark´s greatest naturereserve and one of the world´s most important wetlands. Accompanied by an experienced natureguide, school children can explore this unique nature area: fantastic flocks of birds, seals bathing in the sun, life in and on the mudflats and much more. In addition, the mutimedia-based storm surge show provides vivid impressions of the natural forces that rule the landscape and the people´s life in this area. A visit to Ribe, Denmark´s oldest harbour and trading town, completes the programme with impressions of the characteristic regional culture and history.


There are 3 group accommodations with 20 to 100 beds (self-catering resp. full board) in walking distance from the Wadden Sea centre. The closest Youth Hostel is in Ribe (9 km). It is advisable to book all accomodations in advance (up to 1 year).


By train via Niebüll and Tønder to Ribe. From Ribe by bus to Vester Vedstedt. (Travel time from Hamburg ca. 4,5h)

Sample Programme


1st day:
Arrival and first orientation. Walk to the Wadden Sea Centre: Introduction to the Wadden Sea and marshland followed by a first excursion (ca. 1.5h) to the mudflats near Mandø´s low-tideway.

2nd day:
Guided tour in the Wadden Sea Centre's exhibition. Afterwards exciting excursion to the mudflats between the mainland and the island of Mandø, followed by a "water laboratory"-programme with experiments and observations of typical Wadden Sea organisms.

3rd day:
Trip to Ribe. Discovering Ribe on your own or with a tour guide of Ribe Tourist  Info (possibly with "City Search"). Opportunities to visit museums, go shopping or visit Ribe´s Viking Centre. Optional afternoon programme:

  • Preparation of mink skulls (with explanations about the problem of invasive species) in the Wadden Sea Centre
  • ”Black Sun” – Watching starlings flying to their sleeping places near Astrup Banke (charterbus needed)

4th day:
Trip to the island of Mandø with a special tractor bus.Optional programme on Mandø:

  • Walk over the mudflats to the sealbanks.
  • Walk around Mandø with a short walk on the mudflats (focus on nature and cultural hisotory).
  • Fishing adventure: go fishing in the tidal zone. Unique experience in special wading pants (provided by the Wadden Sea Centre).
  • Walk to Mandø on the old 10 km long low tide pathway and back by to Vester Vedsted by tractor bus.

5th day:

Vester Vedsted - Travel Information


  • Degnetoften
    Svankærvej 444, Vester Vedsted
    DK 6760 Ribe
    Contact: Knud Jensen
    t +45 7542 - 1703 (17.00 - 18.00h)
    52 beds, self-catering
  • Digehytten
    Vester Bjervej 4, Vester Vedsted
    DK 6760 Ribe
    Contact: Jytte Møller
    t + 45 7514 2879
    20 beds, self-catering
  • Ungdomshøjskolen
    Skole Allé 1, Vester Vedsted
    DK 6760 Ribe
    t +45 7544 5004
    100 beds, full board
  • Danhostel Ribe (Family- & Youth Hostel)
    Sct. Peders Gade 16
    DK 6760 Ribe
    t +45 7542 0620

Tip: The IWSS offers a cooking-service for all self-catering accomodations!

Shopping Facilities

  • SPAR
    Ribevej 64, Egebæk-Hviding
    DK 6760 Ribe
    t +45 7544 5233, f +45 7544 5276

Getting There & Around

  • Train (DB, Nord-Ostsee-Bahn)
    From Germany:
    DB-group travel service
    t +49 18 05 - 99 55 11.
    Timetable - & fares:
    From Denmark:
    From The Netherlands:
  • Bus (Linie Ribe - Vester Vedsted)
    Time table & prices:
    t +45 7524 7410
  • Private bus organisation:
    Mandø-Bussen: t +45 7544 5107
    Iversens Busser: t +45 7542 0923
    Ribe minibus : t +45 7542 2133

Tip: Book trains & busses well in advance for best group discounts!

Programme & Activities

IWSS Programme

Tip: Ask the centre for an individual IWSS-programme!

Favourite Excursions

Tip: Ribe´s Viking Museum and Tourist Information offer exciting guided city tours for all ages !

Further Information