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The Frisian's Island - A child of the Tides

Discover nature & culture in the Wadden Sea National Park of Lower Saxony

Sencery and Surroundings

Surrounded by waves and exposed to ebb and flood has the sea formed and still forms the mudflats and islands - just as the island of Wangerooge.
Seen from above, Wangerooge lies like a seahorse as the most eastern of the 7 inhabited East Frisian islands.
At the island's northern coast, the beach and the sea invite to bathing, playing, relaxing and enjoying of nature. The dunes with heather and marram grass as well as the colourful blooming orchid meadows and salt marshes provide breeding and resting grounds for seagulls, waders and ducks.
Along the southern side of the island strech the mudflats - home to numerous lugworms, cockles and shore crabs. Large parts of the island belong to the National Park and World Heritage Site.
The National Park Visitior Centre of Wangerooge offers guided tours and activities for school classes, families, children and adults to experience the islands's unique nature.


Numerous accommodations and a Youth Hostel offer up to 800 beds for school classes and groups.

Getting there & around

By train to Sande, further by bus to Harlesiel and from there (depending on the tides) by ferry to the island. (Travel time from Hamburg: ca. 5-6,5 h).
Bikes can be rented on the island.

Sample Activities


Discover the Wadden World - a guided tour in the National Park Visitor Centre
Models of the island and the mudflats as well as sea water aquarium provide - independent of the weather - insight into the Wadden and North Sea including their importance, threats and protection; duration: ca. 1 – 1,5h
Walk/bike ride about the islands' history, its "movement" and stabilisation as well as about the different habitats mudflats, salt marshes and dunes; duration: ca. 2 - 2,5h

Salt marshes & dunes Tour (Mai to September)
By bike to the salt marshes and dunes of the eastern island with explanations and stories of the very special flora; duration ca. 2h

Adventurous Discoveries at the Beach

Opportunity to collect shells of snails and bivalves and everything else that is washed ashore. With explanation of the findings; duration: ca. 2h

Of Salt & Sand, Weather & Wadden -  a tour into the regions' geography

Why is the sea salty? And where does the sand on the beach come from? These and other interesting questions will be answered on this tour; duration ca. 2h

Wangerooge at Night - a discovery tour to the lights at the beach
During this walk on the beach we sharpen our senses for the stars above us, the lighhouses at the horizon and the ships on the sea from near and far; duration: ca. 1,5 Std.

Walk on the Mudflats (year-round)
Small tour (duration ca. 1,5h)
Big tour (from 8 years, duration ca. 3h )

Pupils can produce their own film about the Wadden Sea! From an underwater camera to a computer with relevant software and instructions, the media-laboratory provides everything for the successful film production.

Tip: Length and content of the programme can be individually arranged!

Wangerooge - Travel Information


On the island of Wangerooge there are currently 9 group accommodations available that suit the needs of school classes and groups. One Youth Hostel and 8 school hostels offer between 45 and 200 beds with full-board.

See e.g. here for an overview on the houses:

Getting there & around

  • Train
    From Germany: DB-group travel service
    t +49 (0) 18 05 - 99 55 11
    Timetable - & fares:

    From Denmark: DSB group travel service
    t +45 70 - 13 14 15
    Timetable & fares:

    From The Netherlands:
    Timetable & fares:

  • Ferry & local railway
    t +49 (0) 44 64 - 94 94 11
    Group reservations:
    t +49 (0) 44 64 - 94 94 14

  • Bike rental outlet
    Fahrradverleih Corina Eden
    Zedeliusstraße 2
    D - 26486 Wangerooge
    t +49 (0) 44 69 - 266

    For further addresses see:

Tip: Book trains & busses well in advance for best group discounts! 

Programme & Activities

Nature & IWSS Programme


  • Nationalpark-Haus Wangerooge
    Friedrich-August-Str. 18
    D - 26486 Wangerooge
    t +49 (0) 44 69 - 83 97, f +49 (0) 44 69 - 70 299

    Opening hours:
    15. March to 31. October
    Tue - Fr 9.00 - 13.00h & 14.00 - 18.00h
    Sat, Sun 10.00h - 12.00h & 14.00 - 17.00h

    1. November to 14. March
    Tue - Fr 10.00 - 13.00h & 15.00 - 17.00h
    Sat, Sun 14.00 - 17.00h

    On national holidays as Sat & Sun.

  • Birding / guided bird tours:   
    Mellumrat e.V.   
    Station Wangerooge-Ost    
    Im Osten 1   
    D - 26486 Wangerooge   
    t +49 (0) 44 69 - 81 74

Tip: Ask the centre for an individual IWSS-programme!

Sightseeing on Wangerooge

Old lighthouse & local history museum
Zedeliusstraße 3
D - 26484 Wangerooge
t +49 (0) 4469 - 8324


Favourite Excursions:
• Boat trip with (educational) fishing
• Boat trip to the seal sandbanks
• Daytrip to the neighbouring island of Spiekeroog

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